OCD Alert!

What's wrong with this picture?Of all the little things that trigger a meltdown, this comes close to a pinnacle event. It’s not just the cheap Home Depot hardware with plastic internals and lousy zinc pot-metal with a 5-year warranty that breaks at year 5.2, it’s also the poor fitment, the sheer carelessness, and the obvious disregard for visual symmetry. Just to get the door to work right I had to tighten knob-screws that were so loose the handle almost fell off inside, but once tightened the whole mechanism seized up and had to be operated with Gorilla Strength™.

So we went to Wayne’s Lock to find something more in keeping with our style – but not so contemporary that it reminded us of a Hospital, Industrial Park, or School. Bucking the latest on-trend directive we got in the Wayback Machine and returned to Antique Brass instead of Brushed Nickle everywhere – like the Bay Area insists upon. Baldwin got the nod on the style-front, and when the order arrived Jeff came out Wednesday with all the bits and parts including a new set of deadbolts for three other doors, all keyed alike.

With the double-doors it was a bit of a struggle, and I had to get out the aircraft shears to cut some sheet-metal shims for the bottom hinge. In the basement I found a piece of leftover duct-hanger tin from the re-arrangement of the AC/heater ducting, and made some marks for the hinge-jamb screw-holes to line-up. The shims closed the gap between the doors so the deadbolt throw was correct. But the hinge was painted-in and had to be whacked a few times with the 20.oz. Eastwing framing hammer to free it up. In the end it’s smoother, more secure, and looks a lot better. Three shims later and *Phew!*  Now I can rest easy without the nightmares…
Yay they match!

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  2. One of the problems I’ve encountered is bent hinges. Two observed causes: foundation/earth shifting, and slamming it closed. Shifting usually shows with one corner or edge suddenly dragging, and may require shaving the top or bottom to fit the new frame shape, and possibly shimming of the hinges.
    I wouldn’t have thought slamming would do it, but have had the problem where I live. Roommates like to shake the house when they close the front door. Took the hinges off and flattened them out (they had developed a gap between the plates) in my vise. Three months later, I’m going to have to do it again. everything is still aligned, but the hinge plates are bent, leaving a gap between them when closed. Also, some screws no longer will tighten up. Need to replace with longer and/or larger screws now.


  3. “…Doors are harder than they look,”

    Coming from a building professional, I’m going to second that remark.

    I’m going to throw mine front door away at some point and get a real door. May even build it myself.


    • Wear mis-matched socks much? Bet you do! 🙂 Doors are harder than they look, but even She Who Must Be Obeyed didn’t like the curvy flouncy style of the craptastic old handles, let alone the faulty color variation.


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