Round ball, square hole

God I hate basketball. Please wake me up when the dumbass March-madness and bracket-picking/nose-picking is over. It’s the one sport I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about. I’d rather watch Soccer, or Chess-championships, or the Spelling Bee…

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7 thoughts on “Round ball, square hole

  1. I like Tam’s name for it:

    *squeaky round ball*

    Never watch it. It was ok playing it in school, but BORING to watch!


    • Concur with both NCW & Old NFO. Don’t give a rats derriere about b-ball, but F1 season has begun!

      (And Range time is good too).. I just want to do it on my own property!


    • Until I saw the cars actually make it around the track, some of them anyway, I was pretty sure we were going to be watching a barbecue instead of an F1 race.

      The tourny is big out my way, and having a tradition-rich school involved which is both close and my alma-mater, well, it’s an almost unavoidable immersion, in a sea-sick way.

      Bring on the distractions, like yard work!


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