Getting in touch with your vegetative side

Each day brings new revelations. Cutting back another two-and-a-half-feet of overgrown under-shrubbery, some kind of variegated Pittiless-osporum beneath the tree where the hummingbird resides, revealed more large and striated rocks, rock-ledges, and a walkable length of terracing alongside the “French Stream.” The “Stream” as I call it being a kind of surface “french drain” or channel (or shallow ditch), that is to divert water from the foundation when the Monsoon hits. Along the length, from the driveway down the north side of the house to the “front yard” it is faced with various rock – we’re, lookin’ good and like’n it.
Somehow in all that I got to thinking about various marketing verbiage and how “locally sustainable” efforts blah-blah-blah can be used to disguise serious problematic situations. How words can be twisted and used to make something truly horrific like nuclear war sound nearly logical and even inevitable.
The advent of small, nearly psychotic countries (Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran…) run by a demented majority who crush all minority representation has been described as “Democratic.” The DDR, or “Deutsche Demokratik Republik” of East-Germany was a Leftist-Stalinist Russian-puppet AND police-State, there was very little in the way of any Democracy evident – but they like the label.
Democracy like Science is a process not an outcome. “Democratic” is to Republican-Democracy as “Science” is to either Scientism or the Scientific Process – two essentially different things, there is divergance when ideologies collide or drive policy.
A “Belief in Science” as a quasi religious notion has been used to quash dissent among people who don’t agree with a majoritarian, pseudo “Scientific Consensus” as expressed in the Scientism-Religion regarding the nature and existence of global warming and all its attendant policymaking. The non-believers are called “Deniers,” equivalent to the charge of “Heretics!” that was leveled against non-Believers during the Spanish Inquisition.
Among a group of small countries that are grievance-driven, there’s been an upwelling of Lefty support for their supposed Colonial or Capitalist victim-hood – and which gains support for their “indigenous atomic efforts” (UPDATE: or even foreign-funded ones). It could almost sound like a catalog-item from Banana Republic, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s: Locally-grown, sustainable isotopes are plucked from shade-tree centrifuges by living-wage earning peasants, just when they ripen and begin to phosphoresce… The same essential Mob/Barbarians who kicked-out the last bricks underpinning the Roman Empire and looted the wealth of Constantinople are at it again, shaking the tree of Civilization when the fruit is ripe. Change is not always progress.
Anyhow back to the shrubbery, at least in reps it builds up some arm muscles, and change reveals the ancient logic and layers of structure brought back to light – out of darkness.


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