Yardley Lavender

Six bags of tanbark and a huge pile of overgrown *stuff* clipped up and tossed into the yard-waste cans revealed more of the stone walls behind the fluffy facade of green plant-junk. Sweaty work – and some chest-er-size work with the long bypass loping-shears, cutting away at the materials in the big green rolly can to compact them.
And with the sun came the pilots. It was like “the Saturday Morning Fly” instead of the “Sunday Morning Ride,” – everybody was UP in the air. A couple biggish twins, the little yellow semi-translucent grasshoppery Cub (?), bunches of Beaches, and a cute twin-tailed something, loads of 172’s – and a couple of single-seat sportplanes barely as big as a Goldwing. Fun day, working on the tan.
UPDATE: Re Lavender – we have currently have blooming: spanish lavender, blue sage, thyme – and little red ground-creeping berry-bushes that the birds are dive-bombing.


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