Diego Garcia, is that you?

Diego Garcia Wikipedia

Diego Garcia Wikipedia

So we have this semi super-secret Naval-ChairForce listening post (with some suggest a CIA “Black-prison” operating there) and submarine base and giant submarine playground, with an airfield long enough to land B52’s…and suddenly one day “unexpectedly” around them this Malaysian jetliner off-course “event” is taking place – a four-hour tour if you will – an unknown aircraft approaching…and then what?

The Gray ManUPDATE: In other news, Go Jim Go! The Gray Man book is outed and in publicationes. In electronica for Kindle and Nook, and also as a real dead tree-pulp HERE. Yay Old NFO!


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6 thoughts on “Diego Garcia, is that you?

  1. Yep, that’s DG… Been there, seen that approach! 🙂 And the island is NOT that big… Billy’s idea is as good as anything else…

  2. Hmmm, I dunno. What is it, about 2200-2300 miles between Kuala Lumpur and DG? Yeah, that’s about 4 hours at 600 mph. But then again, a small island in the middle of a big ocean is notoriously hard to find (ask Amelia Earhart). So what are you suggesting? That the CIA grabbed the plane? Sounds kinda out way-out to me. I’m sticking with ETs….

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