Settling-in, dropping-out

It’s taken a while to come to grips and I suppose I’ve been in denial about ever working again, so I pulled the plug on my Linked-In account. It was interesting to see how many people I could connect with professionally and from my past lives, but it became a kind of competitive-popularity barometer in a Facebook-ish way that ultimately I felt was unappealing and didn’t reflect well.
It did succeed as an attempt at “Job-Talk-Story” – which is like saying “Aloha also means Goodbye” where in Hawaiian “Talk-Story” can be at once a neat way to describe a shaggy-dog joke or long-winded blather (in Irish it’s “Blarney”), or less generously its just bragging and one-upping. As my RMD buddy Kurt once related: “Minnesota Nice,” like “Palo Alto Nice” – it’s not really nice.
As a professional networking tool I could never make it work for me since I’m awkward and a bit of a dork and emotional outsider so social AND professional networking has really never been my forte, and it made no constructive job-finding impact – apart from helping build my resumé and cataloging past efforts and ventures.
As a marksmanship enthusiast it got scary because so many people in the job-network and former life are profoundly Liberal in ALL the trendy current pieties and senses, and they would have to professionally distance themselves or express shock and outrage. UPDATE: (Or both!)
In the end my vague participation was going nowhere anyhow, and now I’m retired. Another friend has abandoned Facebook for other reasons, but I never even started into that morass and I doubt that making a presence there has any value either – and I’m very NOT inclined to do ANYTHING that aids or supports the Zuckerberg-agenda.
More often now I’m also not so sure about this blog either, after nearly ten years of various rants and steam-venting, but today the sun is shining and it’s beautiful and I’d better get outside and LIVE instead of being a mushroom in a cave. And make some new friends. It’s easier to make new friends when everybody isn’t busy working at a job though, especially ones my own age – but the same problem existed among the BayAryans we left behind, all busy working for the next cell-plan, iPhone, or Bluetooth-this and that – just all the accumulation of stuff…
UPDATE: #2 – I think I need to get that touring bike we were talkin’ about. The CCW application is in process, they say it takes a couple months.


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8 thoughts on “Settling-in, dropping-out

  1. Touring bike!

    BMW…Honda? Please, do tell us what your druthers are, sir.

    My wants about roaming and leading a gypsy lifestyle lie along similar lines, which is strange, since I’ve lived in and around KC for my entire life.

    The Kraut loves to travel, and even has a soft spot for doing it by car. Must be in the genes. I hope to do something similar, when it’s on our schedule, with a custom built car (60’s Falcon wagon, don’t get me started) so I can do it the way I always wanted to remember it.

    NorCal is high on the list of stuff to see.

    Please, for yourself, do it.

    • I think a BMW RT – familiar at a minimum, and ‘Wings are just so enormous. I’m not tough-guy enough to ride a Hog, don’t have the whole catalog of clothes, or the goatee.
      If you got kids on board, a Ford Falcon wagon would be sweet. We went cross-country when I was six in a ’64 (I think) Rambler American wagon. 🙂 Saw a lightning strike out in SD, it hit the ground and left a smoking hole in front of an old farmhouse. Stuff kids will always remember.

    • If you haven’t seen it, check out two series, Long Way ‘Round and Long Way Down, produced and starring Ewan McGregor. On Netflix if you’ve got that.

      He does a circumnavigation of the northern hemisphere with a buddy of his on a couple of BMW enduro-style bikes (they were looking at KTM too!). They cross Europe and Asia, backroads most of the way, hop a plane to Alaska and ride across parts of Canada and the States, then back to London. A couple of years later they do a similar ride to Cape Town. Epic.

  2. Retirement takes getting use to.
    Your wife will find you underfoot.
    ‘sides, I have you on my blog sidebar and if you quit, I won’t know how to take it off as I am the opposite of nerd….dren?
    Get the scooter.

    • Hey Skip! 🙂 She doesn’t find me underfoot unless it’s with a vacuum cleaner, or a Swiffer, or the wheelbarrow, or loping shears, or the laundry – there’s never-ending cleaning chores and work… I better get the scooter.

  3. Understood, but if you hadn’t had the blog, I’d never have gotten the chance to meet y’all! 🙂

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