Social Media and the STASI

I can’t wait till Facebook dies a screaming, plague-ridden death covered in abscesses and boils.  Interesting article in TechDirt about how the East German STASI collected metadata and used social media analysis.  Of course they were helped immensely by the hundreds of thousands of East Germans who VOLUNTARILY helped report on each other. For a candy-bar or a pack of cigarettes the most banal conversations were monitored by the STASI and sifted for anti-Gov. sentiment and blackmail worthy dirt. 

East Berlin 1976 See the picture? Click to embiggen. Count every seventh person including the kids – they reported on each other.  Count the Soldiers too, it was their Pflicht – they had to do their Duty.   It was the biggest “Social Network” in history at the time, and it was cool too – I mean everybody was doing it!  …Counting part-time informers, the Stasi had one informer per 6.5 people… (Wikepidia)

Blogging with its zero-reward game and Linked-In is as close as I ever came to “Social Media,” and now that I’m retired I think I’m going to cancel the Linked-In account.  As far as finding work or networking it was never any kind of success or worth a dried fart – and was mainly interesting because their offices were “down the street” from me in Mountain View in an area where I frequently rode my bicycle. But we’re SO not there anymore.

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