Gods of the Copyright Tailings

In ancient times primitive people worshiped the Gods of Nature and sacrificed upon a stone altar the most precious things they had: beautiful fair maidens, beautiful young men, and children – and the priests who conducted those ceremonies were more than happy to oblige.  Blood was shed and the most precious killed to appease the Gods – from the Inca to the Maya to the Polynesians to the Babylonians to Minoans on Crete and Etruscans in the hills where thousands of years later Rome would stand, “The Gods” (or their Political-Priestly emissaries on Earth) demanded Sacrifice.

Today modern primitives worship Golden-Gaia, and are eager to sacrifice to the fierce Sky-God CO2 the most precious thing they have, the ONE thing that affords them such a bountiful luxurious life that ten-thousand years has not seen – just so they can contemplate the Mysteries of the Art History and the Divine Poet-Puppeteer — they will sacrifice ALL that they have: a functioning economy.

They say “Let us sacrifice upon the brutal faux-stone and oil-rubbed bronze altar all that works and functions, those who work to make it so!”  And the Political Priests who intercede among Humans for the Idea-Gods themselves, are more than happy to oblige.  The Political-Priest says, “Vote for me and I will make the Ideas you Wish Upon themselves bless you with untold riches!  I will make the sky blue and straighten out the rivers, and make the flood-waters recede!  I will do the Gods bidding and reduce (some of) the High and Mighty to penniless beggars (except me of course), and I will give all they have to the Always Poor and Forever Needy amongst you (and keep the 99% remainder for myself).”

In between these two eras there was a Renaissance and an Enlightenment when people made beautiful things and their minds awoke to new horizons and the hairy old stagnant Gods themselves melted before Reason and Science.  But those far-gone days are now dimmed in the minds of the Peoples, people who have not learned from the History of People, and who’s children are taught once again to worship the trees and rocks – and stay attuned to the capricious Sky-Gods.

And before those two eras there was a Prophet who came and said, “Man-up my people, don’t fret and worry so damn much!  The birds don’t worry and you need not either, and don’t go around hating and killing your neighbor for while his wife may appear fair, she is likely to be just as big a bitch as your own – and his jackass too, it’s just a damn jackass.  And when the Gov. comes to collect it’s not for God who they are collecting – it’s just an asshole with a badge and a sword.  Give him his silver but do not build an altar to his greed, because he is a crap-head and has made many enemies, and they will kill him soon enough.”  And stuff like that – but like all Prophets he was outside of his time and the Peeps did not hear all that He said because they did not have You-Tube or Facebook.

Just sayin’…


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