McConnell’s Gun Iconography

Susan Walsh/AP Photo

Susan Walsh/AP Photo

I guess I would have liked it better if he’d brought an AR, or even a M1 Garand – but under no circumstances does this constitute “brandishing” despite ABC news’ headline. And speaking of fact-checkers, how about some grammar checkers? What in the following sentence does “touch” mean? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., came onto the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference today brandishing some touch a long gun.

Anyhow somehow I don’t believe the Kentucky Long Rifle helps the 2nd Amendment cause that much, and may even bolster the vision of many on the Left who see it as an archaic dead-letter.  In a “living” Constitution we should have AR’s and M14’s, and soon Mark VII Blasters.

UPDATE: And tanks and flamethrowers! 🙂 Hell, artillery is what wins battles, not a bunch of rifles, and especially not a pistol – a single cannon *Ooga-booga Scary!*  (and a bunch of nerve) won California, from atop a hill in Hollister outside San Juan Batista.


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4 thoughts on “McConnell’s Gun Iconography

  1. I’m wanting my M41A Pulse Rifle, and NOW!

    Seriously, I think it would be hilarious to wipe the floor using only that Kentucky, all the while telling the gun-grabbers that this is what they agreed to. I don’t think I’m too far off the mark, either.

  2. Well, that’s one weapon that has not been prohibited by the great leader. Probably why he chose it.

    • I know it’s the traditional NRA-honoree gift, but as an Establishment Republican he should really be afraid for his job in an upcoming race between a rabid Democrat mouth-breather and a Tea Party challenger, he could afford to be a bit more dramatic about his image. An zombie-killer AR with a chainsaw attached might be a good start, as long as it wasn’t gold-plated…

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