Excavations at the site

blockus cinderosa2:24:2014:6:00am – The Low Granite Outcropping: After a restful night of sleep we resumed excavations at the sit of our most recent find in the thickets of El Parque de Camarones del Diablo. We arose early to a blazing sun beating down upon the dense foliage, with the tinkling sound of water in the distance.

I put on my hard-hat to deflect the sharp and penetrating thorns and branches of the overhead canopy and set to work with heavy loping shears, cutting back the thick undergrowth that had arisen in the intervening centuries since mankind had first turned this desolate wilderness into a semblance of a refined agricultural oasis. The heavy and twisted vines of native Rosmarinus Officinalis had dug deep between the rocks of an ancient wall and threatened to send the whole edifice crashing to the ground.

Cutting back the overgrowth revealed a fine terrace of field-stone, laid down aeons ago. While somewhat fragrant, the cross-rooted growth was thick and gnarled, appearing like nothing so much as my old, impacted, wisdom teeth. I feared I would need a blast of Novocain and a jack-hammer to remove the impacted shrubbery as well, hoping the ancient wall would remain intact.

Meanwhile overhead was strung a whispy lattice of thin threads and dried leaves from an unknown tree or overly developed shrubbery that looked for all the world like vegetal cottton-candy – or the mad dreams of Doctor Seuss. The sharp sticks that threatened our vision nevertheless needed cutting back, and doing-so relieved juncture between the two shrubacious growths, and separated them from furtherly entire-intertanglement.

IMGP0707_xCropRotateUPDATE:  Further excavation was resumed and much more of the dried leafy-material removed as well as many dead sticks and twigs that poked at my scalp.  An ancient water-viaduct was unearthed as well as it’s component branches that diverted water to various (dead) plantings.  Meanwhile high clouds have blown in from the north and the winds have increased, gusts of which are sending dust-clouds into the southern borderlands.  A monsoon is expected to arrive tomorrow, lasting several days.


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