Not A Problem, if you use the right one…

EZ-Ject SystemSo I’ve been fiddling and lubing and de-greasing and fiddling with my Christmas/Birthday present, the L-n-L AP press – and when in doubt take close-up pics.

.45acp in a .30-06 shellplateI was stymied by the #1 shellplate that accepted .45ACP cases yet was binding on ejection – I thought the “E-ZJect” mechanism, which consists of an angled nub on the sub-plate, was cast wrongly or machined with a bad angle…so in the end I called Hornady.

What nice people., seriously.  I had my wires crossed, the #45 shellplate is the correct one for .45ACP – and was ‘specially engineered just-so to accommodate that casing.  The #1 plate is for .30-06.  I also wasn’t scolded or made to feel inferior (*cough*Graff*cough*) for using the wrong shellplate or even being in California, and was invited to take a tour if I ever get out there like for a family Reunion or something (Brady, Cozad, Broken Bow are family places).EZ-Ject nubbin

Now the cases flick to the floor with proper agility and I can continue the set-up.


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