After-Rain Action Barrel!

It rained – unarguably a Good Thing especially now that The Drought is officially recognized by our Washington DC God-Who-Walks-Among-Men, and the rain-barrel filled-up!  Woot!  Murky gray water (because Gray-Plastic Barrel!) – with a bunch of pollen from the pine-trees and mini pine-cone goobers.  Actually when you skim-off the pollen the water is very clear.  The weather report said we only got few tenth’s of an inch, but it filled…murky-not-murkeyand so to The Drought which many may have recently heard of, it being a Media Sensation and Photo Op.

As I told a friend (perhaps wrongly as some will attest – but that’s why it’s a  vicious Water-War, not a tea and crumpets  Water Symposium at the Always Correct BigUniversity).

The drought is an impact – we’re kinda up the hill from it and get our water from El Dorado Irrigation district that precedes the Folsom Dam catchment basin/area and collects off the Tahoe/Western Slope runoff.  “The Drought” (now that it’s official) has actually been building for the past four-something years, as Fed regulations (EPA/BLM/etc.) and dumbass CA State restrictions/lobbying groups has diverted agricultural water to keep the Delta Smelt wet, while maintaining a water dump-rate/spill-rate going OUT of the reservoirs until there is near zero capacity remaining… California water wars have created a man-made drought.  Now Obama steps in to proclaim Free Money for the impacted/needy – can you spell Regulatory Capture?   Water Wars, Farm Subsidy wars – it’s a living I guess, and if you’re a Politician you milk it for all its worth, exploiting one disaster after another to catch more and more people in the Gov.’s loving embrace.

pollen infused water-tea

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3 thoughts on “After-Rain Action Barrel!

    • Big win! Only problem is as we discovered a tenth of an inch can fill a single barrel, and when you have a six-inch weekend…anyhow Folsom lake went *up* SEVENTEEN FEET! But the boat piers are still dry-dock. Need more barrels. I wish someone made an easy to connect set-up that didn’t look so damn industrial or like an old garbage-can.


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