Rainbarrel Action Network

rain barrelThis is just a 65-gal. test-run, proof-of-concept thing bought with a Lowe’s 10% discount coupon.

Our new BFF Bill the Plumber came by on Monday and we talked about it – he envisions a whole array.I’m not so sure that these are the type I want to use for that, but another Pineapple Express is lining up out in the Pacific and we should get some drenching – it was about seven inches last weekend and I want to see what would fill this thing. downspout diverter




I set it up level on some cinder-blocks that I found laying around in the “basement,” and fed the connector through the lattice where it ties into the downspout with a rubber diverter inserted into a hole (hole-saw supplied in DIY kit) that is also supposed to work as an overflow relief when the tank is full… We’ll see about that.

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10 thoughts on “Rainbarrel Action Network

  1. I wonder if a motor with a prop, powered by a panel on the roof, would help keep the water cleaner, and maybe even keep the mosquitoes away.


  2. I’ll be interested to know if you get algae growing in the barrel, and how much ‘residue’ from the roof ends up in the barrel…


    • The roof is pretty clean, I think it’s been flushed pretty good already. There’s just some pine needles that gutter-screen keeps away. I’m more concerned about mosquitoes than algae, it’s so hot and dry here that moss on concrete dies in the summer.


    • I think I need an array of more commercial rain barrels! This one is a bit amateurish – however with the rain from last night the sucker filled right up to the overflow.
      The water is kinda gray with what appears to be a fair amount of pollen from the pine trees that washed down, and some pine bud-lets…


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