Rainbarrel Blues

It’s been coming down at a steady pace since 10:00AM and decorative wine-cask flower-pots outside the Bel Air Market were already half-full by 2:45PM – YAY!  Our down-spouts need a catchment system, but we had other chores today – it’s now on the list for Drought Mountain… The expectation is 7″ of rain in the High Country (above 6,000′) and five in the lower regions – all feeding-in.  Yay!  Soon we will have rain barrels – perhaps some nice oak ones from a nearby vineyard?  We’re in Wine Country after all, and Gold Country, and…you name it.

UPDATE:  Saturday began at 6:30AM with a drenching rain that has continued into today (Sunday).  The CHL class went fine, with a lot of people in attendance for CCW renewals or just newbies like me, at the local Holiday Inn.  A good round of basic gun-instruction and Legal discussion, including a portion lead by an Attorney) led to a late lunchtime before we went off to the range in the rain to qualify.  Friends of the Instructor (John Daniels – NRA, DOJ, BCI – a disability-retired Cop) have a ranch about a mile down past Latrobe, and they set-up some white awnings to keep us dry (mostly).  After trudging through the mud down to the OK Coral everybody hit the sodden cardboard targets and got signed-off, prepared to begin the Sheriff’s website process.   I hung a left on South Shingle Road and headed home around 4:30PM in the gloaming, with the wet stuff still pelting down.

We really need this rain and maybe now NBC or CBS or whoever will get off the “California Running Dry” meme, however this steady 3-days-of-rain (and counting) will only partiality fill the lakes and reservoirs, and the Irrigation District will likely ratchet up the cost of water regardless.  So I’m still going to rig a catchment system but maybe I already missed the window of opportunity since it’s just sluicing down still – but we’re simply not going out in just to get some rain-barrels at Lowes…


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    • We’re thinking some will/must be decorative because: Obvious – but in a couple locations I can have more or larger ones that don’t detract from the overall look of the place. It’s not an industrial barn.

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