Ridin’ Around the Countryside

After a week of chilly sunshine the weather is starting to turn and wet storms are anticipated – snow for the Sierras above. We drove out to a gunshop in El Dorado to see if they had any of the Hornady One-Shot degreaser/dry-lube. It’s recommended for the big press and its powder measure that comes fully greased and ready to trap every particle of powder it might gum-up in its little gummy teeth. Also for the dies. So I called and he thought they did and said so over the phone but upon arrival it was a lube – kinda exactly the opposite. Some discussion ensured as to CA’s majorly dumbass laws regarding oils and fluids and evaporative solvents, and the blindly self-congratulatory Ecotards in the Capitol who are unknowing but happily slaves to a past-trending fashion. Anyhow, Reno is just across the border and it’s where people in the know go for stuff that really works instead of stupid Green gopher-guts.
Without worrying too much over it we went down the street towards the old Mud Springs Pony Express Station and visited a small Antique Shoppe where we found a sloe-eyed tiki from Rarotonga! The Cook Islands (named after guess-who Capt. James T. Cook) in central Polynesia est-tres cool!
After that we wended our way down Hwy 49 in the sunny-but-chilly, cruising at about 50mph through the slides and waves and dips, descending into Plymouth after a relaxing jaunt. Talk about a one-horse town… So we hung a right on Main that turned into Old Sacramento Road and sallied forth until we hit Latrobe Road and made another right. All along the way it’s ranch country with plenty of white faced cows and shaggy black ones, and many little calves play in the dirt. Just past Latrobe itself, a town with just a fire-station and a school and not much else, we came to South Shingle Road and took that (right) home.
The chill is upon us and the skies are darkening, and on Saturday in the rain I’ll be taking my CCW class. Wondering if I should take both the Commander-type and the P245 or just one of them. For each there is a Galco “Fletch” and a Comp-Tac “Minotaur” holster. For the purposes of the Sheriff in El Dorado, gun-type is not significant or listed on the license…


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7 thoughts on “Ridin’ Around the Countryside

  1. For degreasing purposes, go to Kragens and look for electromotive cleaner. This is the same as the brake cleaner from a couple years back. (The current crap they sell as brake cleaner is not very effective.)
    No idea what would be a good lube for your loader.
    BTW, that cleaner may affect some plastics.

  2. Sounds like a great drive, two years this summer since my last visit and a year since we sold up so I have plenty of road trips in mind come july.

    • Hi Thud! As you know July can be pretty warm – and it’s going to be a drought-year so head up to the higher/cooler elevations. Downieville in the north on Hwy 49 (still operational, the 16-to-1 Mine! you can tour) and Markleville to the southeast (of this location) both have scenic high-country vistas/loops to drive. The Hwy 4 Ebbetts Pass/Hwy 89 Monitor Pass loop from Bear Valley/Lake Alpine or out of Markleville is spectacular but closed in winter. Fly fishing on the Walker River down by Topaz…

  3. If you turn left at Plymouth, about a quarter-mile up the road on the right, you will see a school back off the road. I attended K through 2nd there. Keep going straight and you wind up in Fiddletown, where I grew up during the sixties.

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