Scent of yesterday

W.R.A. 25-20 round
Smells are a funny thing that can bring back a flood of memories and with them the tumult of emotions they encapsulate.  After a morning of organizational play, arranging things into their perceived spaces, hanging artwork and memorabilia, fitting boxes into drawers just so, I went into the bathroom and was transported…to my Grandpa’s house.  Weird.  All the emollients and sprays and modern conveniences vanished against a background smell straight from my childhood fifty years ago.

IMGP0640x2000So I was reminded of my grandfather even more when I sorted through one last old coffee-can from his collection, more better called an accumulation, of gun-stuff. His large strength and poise, his rough work-hardened hands that even at age 98 were bigger than my own father’s. In the tin, itself the product of a much earlier era, were dusky lead balls and old .22LR rounds with the bullets gray-hazed. A small plastic box contained a quantity of larger caliber bullets with gas-checks, covered in a sooty lube. Some unfired old old 16-guage shotgun rounds and some other rounds for guns I don’t think he ever owned. A tiny round of W.R.A.  25-20 looking like a bitten-down pencil stub.  A stubby gray-blue tarnished old Remington-Peters Savage 300 round, looking for all the world like an AK cartridge.  A long and slender 270Win round that barely fits the stubby metal Folgers can,   And a Peters 32 Winchester Special round with a dainty little “P” embossed directly on the PRIMER.  Wow. It’s a can of treasures.


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3 thoughts on “Scent of yesterday

  1. I ran into a .32 Win.Spec. lever action some years ago.

    I often kick myself for not snapping it up even though I’m not usually one for the more oddball calibers; I’m SURE it would have been a bambi killing machine.

    • At the Placerville gunshow Friday I saw one. Being in Out-West Country here there’s a lot of old-timer leverguns from The Day – first editions if you will. Some have been rode hard and put away wet too, and still want for $2000-$5000 depending, because of the age and originality I guess.

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