After 50-plus days on no precipitation the Sky Gods smiled upon us and brought forth the wet and higher-up the white – and right before the delugerissimo, they gave us a pretty sunset:

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3 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. I think I could sit with a cup of coffee and watch the sun set every day.

    It’s now 23 degrees and dropping while snowing. I’m being told that by early next week we’ll be in the negative single digits.

    Oh joy.

  2. We have sunsets that look a lot like that here in the foothills… if they can really be called that… of the Appalachians. Glad you got some precip, even happier that we are done with it for a little bit.

    • You guys are really in for the weather! Ours was just kind enough to stop and drop a few inches to help the snow-people – but the overall thirst of drought will not be slaked buy this minor wetness.

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