Pretty near done…

I’ve been very fortunate to have a blank slate with which to work, but cursed by the perfectionism that comes with it  drives me crazy.  Yesterday in the rain we drove down to the Folsom Home Despot and finally got the last few pieces of the puzzle: a locking steel wall cabinet (perfunctory locking, at least) that’s not overly deep (only 8″), and a tube-light for the lower area. It has small cubby-like open shelving on each side, and lager central shelves in the lockable area.

IMGP0624x1000hIt took about 2-hours to assemble the box and I let it sit and marinate over night.  In the meantime for Dinner we cooked-up a mean Chicken Curry dish, over Quinoa.  Good to have the capsaicins for the blood.  While watching Gilligan run steam-pipes from the volcano and arguing with Mr. Howell over hot-water distribution rights, the Brown Truck of Happiness stopped to visit and bestow joy.  The multitudinous shell-plates and Nosler and Hornady loading manual have arrived!   Also some much needed “ginger” colored pillow covers from West Elm for the formal-type Living Room sofa.

In the morning I had a hankerin’ for trouble and went into the garage to get a piece of Gladiator wall-track and check it’s useability.  HD/Husky makes their own track, but most of these things fall along the same lines – and it fit perfectly, so no driving around to get another brand.  I got up onto the wall and hit the studs with some deck screws to hang the track.  After getting the box up there with lifting help from Most Beloved of Women, I anchored it by screwing through the metal backing cleat with self-tapping screws to “lock” the box to the wall and  prevent it jumping off.  The tube-light got secured with some wall-anchors so now there’s light and no excuses except it’s time to organize and stock the shelves!  My CCW class is in two weeks.


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