Bye-bye Yahoo! Your corporate suicide is painless.

Despite many years as an account-holder (or because of it) I couldn’t take it any longer and killed my Yahoo! account(s).

The new “owner” and exGoogleoid and techno-oligarch Marissa Mayer has decided to enforce some losing measures and embrace minutiae-control, and has inflicted design-level compliance on the user-interface side with visual results that are spectacularly unappealing. Having a bit of actual work-history and nine-patents in that arena and being familiar with the type and kind of gross management that produces such ridiculous pronouncements and results I decided to sever the relationship.

Life is too short for ugly interfaces and stupid managers.  And still youthfully misguided and self-absorbed CEO’s will come and go, and with cronyism in tow will keep getting inordinate raises despite their worst efforts plopping forth like a pile of viscera and bile upon the butcher’s table (or tablet).


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