Got Wood?

4x4 risersUp here at the Rocky Redoubt the work continues apace albeit slowly.  With most of the other rooms “settled-in,” the Play Room is still in transition centered around The Bench II.  I took off the right-side drawers which didn’t add much anyhow and allowed Big Red, the new press, to be mounted somewhere besides the awkward end. Also I had a 20″x60″ piece of quarter-ply cut to cover the top and hide the multitude of holes – a little sanding of the edges and it smoothed-out nicely.

Then I decided The Bench II needed a little more height, and in our “basement” understory found some 4×4’s to give it a lift.  At first I thought I needed a special $300 sliding miter chop-saw  (doesn’t everyone?) to make the cut, but at the Home Despot my lovely Wife Who Should Always Be Listened-To mentioned using a regular carpenter’s hand-saw – Old School like my Daddy always used.  Since our fitness regimen has been tree-trimming and brush-cutting using an old Swedish bow-saw and upper-body loping shears, it seemed a natural fit, and DeWalt makes a nice 20-inch saw with some very sharp crosscut teeth.   So we got that for $20 instead of a 10-inch $300 Super-Duper Sliding Compound Miter Saw that requires electricity to run, and might or might-not cleanly cut a 4×4 – and the cuts came out perfectly square and just fine.  A little sanding with some 60, then 120 grit, and the ends look good.  I pre-drilled a deep 1/4″ hole for the lag-bolts on the bottom with a long 10-inch bit, and then countersunk a couple 5/8″ holes for the socket to drive them.  Badda-bing.

Hey Big BoyAfter that we went up to Placerville to Diamond Pacific and I found a sweet and clear piece of 2″x6″ fir to use as a back-splash and wall cleat.  That’s next on the agenda, with some 4-inch long  1/4″ lag-bolts for securing the unit to the wall-studs and some 4-inch deck screws to secure The Bench II to  the cleat…

And measuring where to hit the wall-studs.

UPDATE:  So with all that and some longer 3/8″ bolts the only thing missing now are some shell-plates and an overhead cabinet (or two).

Big Red


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