Shorts Weather

Looks like we’re in for a drought-year. I sat outside soaking in the rays after a lunch of Mexican chile verde while She Who Must Chop Wood worked the big loping shears at the brushpile of pine limbs and cedar branches. More shorts and sun and more drip-line activity as we have begun to map the stations and waterspouts… The Galco holster arrived for the P245, and I texted OldNFO’s buddy hereabouts about the local Trainers. Also picked-up a Comp-Tac Minotaur for the 1911 from a local source off eBay.
And another fabulous blazing red sunset over the distant ridge, next up: BMW RT?


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11 thoughts on “Shorts Weather

  1. I have a BMW R1200R for commuting around MD… The bike is the same platform as the RT for the most part (engine and drive train). Wonderful. Love riding mine. Would not hesitate to get an RT if I was going to be touring with the Woman…

  2. San Diego is nice every day it’s getting kind of boring to tell you the truth. That and the nagging fact that there is no rain in sight. Good thing our new desalination plant is on schedule and within budget.

    We miss the Sierras.

    • There’s some kind of huge high pressure zone sitting over the sierras and routing everything around it. We haven’t see rain or show or anything out of the skies in a month, and none appears forthcoming.

  3. Yeah, it keeps turning off cold here and I am going to ease down I-65 a bit farther… maybe a jog on I-10 and then down I-75 if it keeps chasing me.

    • If we hadn’t moved here we might-would have gone to AZ, but that would have been hellish to make eleven 800-mile trip trips by truck every weekend – and we don’t know anybody in AZ, so house-hunting was daunting.

    • I used to think about Arizona, Colorado and bits of New Mexico as great candidates for a potential home. I have lived here so long that the only moves I am possibly considering now involve South Georgia and bits of Florida.

      You do seem to have found a good and interesting home and I really can’t complain about mine.

    • You are allowed to complain about the cold, and the heat and humidity, I only spent part of a summer in Mitchell SD, and it was alternately pretty hot or damp or both!

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