IMGP0590x1000IMGP0589x1000Shorts Weather: awoke to a balmy Mid 60’s at 9:00AM, and with nothing to stop the temps from climbing into the 70’s, we went outside to the rockpile. With the concentrated brainpower of She Who Chops Wood, the programmable timing mechanism of the drip-system was conquered, and several small and ineffectual shrubberies were laid waste. As we are undergoing drought conditions locally, all the fuel around the house looks a bit ominous especially around the propane tank, so we attacked the low hanging branches of the Monterey pine and the dead cedar limbs to clear out the understory. I also attacked a corner of the juniper AKA The Green Blowtorch, along the walk-way.
Meanwhile station #8 on the drip-line was sending streams of water out through a decayed pipe with only a flat rock keeping the launch trajectory down, and in the area where we tore out the water hyacinths the tanbark was floating – gotta re-do those emitters. I dug away at the rocks and managed to extract the old press-fit pipe and cut a new one to replace it.


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