HBTM – #56

Got up and made early coffee as the sun came up like thunder outta Tahoe across the way. She Who Must Sleep-In (not hardly ever!) snoozed and I perused the on-line venues for my own GottaHaveIT. After wake-up coffee, together we sliced and diced and got onions and seasoning into the crock-pot. THEN, in-went the local, sustainable, free-range, non GMO etc., well marbled, yummy-delicious Archer’s Butcher Block beefs (!!): Short-Ribs – and the timer set to Low/Slow/8-hrs. We had a bowl of cereal and I went ahead and ordered my HBTM present – the Hornady AP press – and then we went down the hill to Folsom.
Yesterday had been a(nother) big push on the electrical project and we had spent way more time than necessary deconstructing and then re-wiring the new modern/contemporary bathroom light fixtures (which seem inordinately complicated and made-in-China p’tui!) and put the old “cottage” type stuff in the growing pile of “Building Material Donations” for the Snowline Hospice or Habitat, whichever comes first. Anyhow the lights from Lowe’s look great, but I’m NOT gonna go through that again, so doing two sets of that jigsaw-puzzle was off the table — and the ones we received (for Bathroom #2) had also been pilfered of certain contents by previous shoppers; one was missing several necessary glass pieces and the other was missing some of the special bulbs, so we went back to Lowe’s to Returns with the purchase-receipt… Enough. The next light-fixtures will be better (nicer), easier to mount, and US-made.
Down in Folsom we had a delicious lunch at Fat’s. Not Wo Fat of Hawaii Five-O fame, but close. First the appetizer plate with pork satays, and skewers of spiced shrimps, and canebrakes, and then for me the Korean bulagi rib-eye with the smoky exotic flavors of the long departed (2006) and sorely missed Azeka’s Ribs in Kihei, home to the best kalbi ribs on the planet – which went well with the Double-Decker Pinot Grigio which complements Asian food very well IMO. She Who Slept-In a Little had the Blackened Ahi salad which was also melt-in-yo’mouf delicious, paired with a nice Marlborough Sauv Blanc.
The evening ended (or began) topped by an amazing sunset over the distant ridge, with the faint silhouette of Mount Diablo poking into the red haze about 100-miles distant. I’m glad it’s that far away, sometimes I wish it was farther.
We skipped the Gunshow at ClaExpo (or is that tomorrow?) – Sacatomatos is a bit overwhelming for us poor, simple, bumptious country rustics…

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