Picking at nits and scabs

So this morning in an ongoing organizational effort, The Adjutant General moved our Asus Netbook over to the kitchen counter for re-purposing as a web-based recipe-finder. I suggested that perhaps she could do the same thing with the Big Private West Coast University Retirement Gift: the iPad Mini. I should have known, gift in German means poison, as I attempted to find a recipe for bacon-cheese quiche on the stupidly infernal device. After some hashing about with the totally awkward and non-serious gadget, some recipes were finally found – but with such a crappy built-in browser I doubt it will happen again. Worst thing is there’s no way to prevent double-stupid Advertising from encroaching and stomping on the tiny visual footprint on the gadget’s fixed system. Fixed like a dog is fixed. After much consternation and even searching the dubiously useful and painfully hard to access Apple-Support Retardos, it was discovered that indeed there is NO WAY whatsoever to run AdBlock or ANY extensions on an iPad-Mini, which necessarily runs Safari. I put the thing away. What a poisonously useless POS this gift was, so much nevermind.

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2 thoughts on “Picking at nits and scabs

  1. But… but… That just means you’re a dinosaur… YOU are the problem, not the iPad… LOL Your misuse of the device is your fault. Serious stuff on an iPad is not possible! 🙂


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