Gunny Goodness!

Met-up with OldNFO and some old friends of his for breakfast, at a place down by the near empty lake & dam. It was a quick drive down the hill, and after general introductions we had a busy conversation going – I hope I didn’t monopolize it too much! Swell people and we CAN (MUST!) go shooting at SacValley – also wine tasting, and other things in the area. Old NFO sure has some (a lot-of!) stories to tell, as he has Been-There-Done-That on a huge variety of issues and missions, and I am very grateful for the personalized Challenge Coin that he gave me too! Woot! Unfortunately he had to skedaddle early – his grandson’s basketball team was playing their last season game at noon in Sacto. I wish my grandpa (or even Dad) had attended ANY of my games or swim-meets, but it never happened, so I was happy to wave him off as he departed for a family-first event. Merry Christmas!
I followed his buddy home and got a good look at his Hornady Lock-N-Load press, and I think I know what Santa must bring me this year! The massive size of the press-ram is impressive, and the general smoothness of the operation is a real decision-maker. Also under brief discussion was the local Sheriff who supports CCW and advice on a local Trainer who qualifies the necessary class/paperwork hurdle. I’m definitely getting in touch with that guy. While in the garage I got to check-out the sweet “new” garage toy that Friend is working on, a cherry ’69 Camaro. Nice!! I don’t see myself headed to car-guy land, but a two-wheeled touring ride is being pushed by The Minister of Homeland Economics, so that will work out sometime in the Spring I’m guessing, and with it a CCW to add peace of mind on distant mountain roads. Mele Kalikimaka all you Guys and Gals!


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  1. It was great to finally meet you, and I apologize for bolting early… Next time we’ll have to include some shooting! Thanks again for making the time!

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