We Three Trucks of Happiness Are… Shiny!

The Three Trucks of Happiness visited, the White and Purple the Brown, and the Red-White-and-Blue – and with a little Green I brought home the Tite Group. Nitrided dies, nickle cases, Nosler 185grain gliding metal JHP’s and Large Pistol Primers in a Pear tree – what could be better?
Now if I can just get the Contraption of Distinction operating as it should: decapping and sizing, seating primers, dumping powder, belling, seating, crimping…Artilugio de los Condenados wait, that’s six operations and the Artilugio de los Condenados has only five stations!!
Arrgh!!! Maybe I need to re-think the WHOLE Piggyback-II deal… Maybe I need MOAR! NEW-STUFF!!


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3 thoughts on “We Three Trucks of Happiness Are… Shiny!

  1. If approached suitably, running a whole bunch could start with half the work already done. Besides, how fast can you go without a case feeder? Considering the nature of the process, too much speed wouldn’t be prudent.

  2. Some people with ottermattic machinery like to do the process in two steps, brass prep in one pass and actual load assembly in a separate run. Thus, a stash of primed brass ready to load can be maintained, after inspection up to that point. This is my general process, just using a single stage press.

    • I like that process as well. I’d rather see the brass sized and primed separately, rather than “in the machine” – it adds a layer of control, but then I want to be able to run a whole bunch of them quickly! I’m conflicted, process-wise.

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