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It was a beautiful day with temps in the mid 50’s so we went out to explore the drip-line system to see what leaks, and what sprays, and under what circuit they operate – and hack away at some overgrown shrubbery.  One instrument of green death was a thorny twisted bush-thing with bright green needles to prick you, that had grown lopsided and gnarled out of its protected little cove of rocks, with branches all throughout  cross-crossing each other and stubborn-hard to cut.  I bounced the bow saw off my wrist ever so lightly and scored a red-line, but no other major incidents occurred as we turned the misshapen dwarf-thing into a Bonsai of sorts, and raked out the thick leafy mulch that had been deposited there by years of leaf-blowers.  Much sweat flowed and arms grew weary of levering the giant loping shear handles back and forth – a good workout, then lunch!

Our plumber called and wanted to get on our schedule for next Wednesday, renovating the bathrooms with new sinks and faucets. I said, “Uh, Are you sure you want to work on Christmas?”  People up here are so thoughtful and nice, but that’s a bit much!  Later in the afternoon Ferguson in Placerville called, the new cook-top is in, and I got the name of an installer who would be in the area tomorrow, so maybe that will get wrapped-up too!  Woot!  We would love to have the leak-smell gone.  The “old” (well loved)  Dacor unit seems to have a minute problem with the manifold emitting a scent of gas – not explosive but very annoying, and a clean install of a fresh cook-top should fix everything – we hope!


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  1. FWIW: One of the unexpected causes of gas leaks on stove tops is the lack of enough grease inside the control valves. After many years of use, there may no longer be enough to maintain a seal inside the body of the valve. It’s a special type of grease, and can be hard to find, and expensive (x2) if you aren’t in the business.

    Had a renter who broke a knob, and who then decided to glue it back on the extension shaft. This forced glue into the valve body, so all the grease was gone by the time it was clean (couldn’t find a new valve). $30 for a lifetimes supply, after hunting all over the South Bay.

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