The Gathering Components

Over the last few nights we were graced by a huge cacophony of noise and horns and klieg-lights. Friday night I thought an accident must have happened across the Highway or somebody at the Golf Club was having a bad day, as first we heard and then we saw lights and horns and multiple large vehicles rumbling down a narrow street. But something seemed off and some of the noises were non-emergency horns of another stripe, blaring in a different cadence. Then on Saturday night the sirens returned, blaring as fire-trucks honked and trundled up our small avenue past the doorstep, one truck decorated with a Christmas Tree and a waving Santa Claus, playing Mele Kalikimaka! – it was the 14th Annual Fire Department, Santa Day Parade! Kids who need special attention can even get a visit from the Man-in-Red himself: Santa is making house calls! Santa and his helper will come to your house, get Christmas wishes, give out your presents, etc. The sleigh is only available to visit Cameron Park residences. Schedule a time between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. For more information call xxx-xxx-etc. What a hoot! A noisy one and a seemingly UN-disciplined use of Emergency Vehicles and their attendant noisemakers, but but a far departure from the stuck-up and snooty – and anywhere else I have lived and especially very UN-BayAryan… So I like it, this part of California flyover country.
So it was with that in mind that when I placed my order for several boxes of fresh .45 brass and shiny JHP’s I chose the originator of much reloading: Huntington Die Specialties in Oroville, the home of RCBS – instead of Graf & Sons in Mexico, MO. Mexicans in Missouri? Graf couldn’t get my address into the system right, and when I went to call it in and said that I was, “In the good part of California” the responder very quickly replied, “I didn’t know there was a good part.” Sooo, I decided to let it just go. Away. Buh-bye. Snip that URL and see you later. Dead to me now. Besides their prices weren’t any better than Cabela’s or worth the hassle. Is Missouri so much better off or really so wing-nut free? Bill thinks maybe not: Missouri State University Considers Nerf Gun Ban After 911 Call

Missouri State University is considering an all-out ban on the use of Nerf guns on campus after a professor called 911.
According to CBS St. Louis, students have been spending their weekends playing a game called “Humans vs. Zombies,” in which “players try to tag other people, who then become zombies.” The game is played with Nerf guns and “balled-up socks.”
During a game in October “a professor called 911 and put a classroom on lockdown after thinking he saw a real gun.”

I dunno. How about firing the hysterical, panty- wetting sissy of a professor, instead?

Yeh really, except for the whole archaic “Tenure” bit leftover from the Medieval Period. Sure.
California has always attracted the dreamers and visionaries besides the oddballs and weirdos, ever since a book of tall-tales first published in the 1500’s Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián) in which the fantasy-land of “California” is depicted as an island of naked, black, pagan, amazon women-warriors – notions that inflamed Spanish and European passions long-long ago and made the book a early best-seller – and ever since then it seems that Hollywood has been trying to make it a reality.
Some of the odd-balls were here first too, including Mexicans who fled north to El Norte, to escape the pernicious (taxes, again) influence of the ruling Spaniard clique in Central America and Mexico. Anyhow, Californians get a lot of grief and flak for weirdness – and a lot that is reasonably and humorously pointed-out on the level of “Florida Man…” (see Twitter), but it’s not a sole-source provider of deranged American inanities, and much of what is seriously wrong here politically is due to outside influences: like Barbara Boxer who is a NOO YAWRKER, and Nancy Pelosi who is a BALTIMORon… There’s nothing Californian about those two nimrods. Anyhow, the real odd-balls and weirdos and simply strange didn’t stop to stay in California, they went on out to Hawaii and beyond, out past the last horizon… See you guys on Jupiter next!
UPDATE: Yay the furnace is fixed! The gas valve is valving, the igniter is igniting (it was broke too), and we got us some warmth!

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