Holy Crap DishNET is Slooow!

I don’t know if it’s the storm traipsing all across the country and dumping snow on their only downstream dish out in someone’s backyard in Topeka, or just this particular node, but OMG this thing has slowed to a freaking crawl. Don’t expect answers to email within the hour, or even same-day service. Hit a link in your bookmarks and then go brew a fresh pot of coffee, maybe when the coffee is done the page will be loaded – if not go reload a few hundred rounds on your single stage press, and just maybe by then it *might* be loaded.
Down the road a mile or two there’s a bronze plaque at an old way-station for the Pony Express Riders of yesteryear, they’d be faster (and better armed) than the goofybird-in-the-sky hot-house bottleneck that the propeller-head Satellite bozos think is so damn precious. Given the performance I’d easily be rooting for Blofeld’s (Or Elon Musk’s) satellite-killer space-gun just to put this turkey out of its misery – Happy Thanksgiving, not. Maybe it’s time to examine other venues, but I’m not interested in streaming video of five NFL games, or even Netflix movies of the latest Shade of Gray – I just want a decently quick internet connection under $100/mo.
And on that space-note, what if comets are just the blue-ice dropped by humongous passing spaceships, eons ago…

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9 thoughts on “Holy Crap DishNET is Slooow!

  1. Sounds like every Thanksgiving I had with WildBlue (spit) broadband.
    No matter how i tried to control the internet (including disconnecting all but the main one)- We’d always get hit with over use choke-downs.

    Someone finally bought out Charter and we have land-based broadband.


  2. I signed up with Exceede by Via Sat (or the other way around.) The speed is good. The latency sucks, but it is a long way from my ground station to the satellite to internet provider. You can’t stream netflicks regularly – the data caps are still there. But they turn the meters off between midnight and 5 am. And there are plenty of ways to download video during off hours that (for a while) I was caught up on Tekzilla, All About Android, etc.

    Daylight data limits are about like a cell contract. But it hasn’t hurt me that much. I can download the occasional vid from YouTube, etc. Stream Pandora for a good part of the day, and generally get decent internet access. It isn’t screaming game-ready cable internet, but that’s the price you pay for living in the country.


    • We’re not far out in the country, it’s just *I’m* stupid and thought it would somehow be better than Xfinity’s bundles of crapola. I don’t stream music or movies.
      For $65 they *let* you have a parsimonious 5-Gb’s a MONTH, and then clamp-down. After that they want another $10 for every single 1Gbyte that passes through their pigeon in the sky – and that seems archaic and weird and cheesy and all those things.


    • When we were deploying the on-screen guide back in the late 90’s to cable companies, the satellite guys were the worst throne-sitters and toll-takers who thought their “bird” was the most precious real-estate in the heavens. Like the olden Gate Bridge Authority who demands exorbitant tolls to keep them in caviar on an aging piece of marginal bottleneck infrastructure, it seems nothing has changed or gotten through to them.


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