Pearl Harbor

On the first snow-day of the year, and my first snow-day in thirty-five years, the fate of those young men who served at Pearl Harbor in December of (UPDATE:) 1941(my bad) is a reminder in contrasts. What must have seemed like light and easy duty on a tropical island paradise far from the chill of blizzards and cold, suddenly turned into a blazing inferno by a malevolent enemy who sought to capture the whole of all the Eastern Oceans, from the South China Sea to Australia. Everyone who lived in the region was in jeopardy. Countless local, indigenous people were torn from their families and enslaved, and brutally tortured or worked to death on railways and other war-structures for a foreign and merciless Empire that fell upon them like a ravenous tiger. By the end of it, thousands of war-weary GI’s would have loved for a light snowfall in the midst of the jungle hell in which they were struggling, a little respite of winter-wonderland that they had not seen in years of hot and nasty fighting – and which many thousands would never see again… So I have to count my blessings, and winter will give way to summer – and snow is nice, it’s the COLD that’s unpleasant.


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