Down & Fleece

Last night temperatures were down in the mid-20 de’f*ing-grees. We gotta get this furnace fixed, it doesn’t ignite. The service tech who came out diagnosed that the gas-valve was not valving-gas, and with no gas entering the burner manifold, no jets of hot ignited LP emboldened the air. The infra-red space-heaters are working overtime just to keep the frost out of the air, but everything inside is a bit cold to the touch. Meanwhile the truck needs a 70k service and there’s a major *SquEEeRGg* in the suspension whenever the body rolls left or right, which is whenever I now enter or exit the hillside driveway. Thankfully the re-circulating hot-water is, as Skip said so eloquently, The Tits! So we heated our bodies and drove down to get the 70k Mile service on the truck, and when the going gets cold the cold go shopping for warm clothing. Face it Dorthy, we’re not in Hawaii, but the nearby Outlet Mall has an Eddie Bauer where they have fleece and down at discounted low-low prices, and warm things for the feet too, and things to provide an intermediate layer between outer and inner clothing – longjohns. I have not had to buy or wear cold weather clothing in a long time, but the Bay Area is not a normal place by any stretch. All I have for outerwear is my old Dainese street-riding gear with armor in the knees and elbows, it’s not really walking-around clothing nor working in the yard on a freezing cold broken PVC pipe clothing. But now I feel I have joined the rest of the Flyover Folk in the midst of Real America, away from the DeepBlue exburbs and affluent gated communities.
UPDATE: The storm is dumping in the Sierras, but forecast snowfall has yet to reach us and is now pushed-back to Saturday.


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8 thoughts on “Down & Fleece

  1. Oh hell yeah, you done gradjiated. Next up you’ll be saying thang ‘stead of thing, and build a three strand bobwahr fence around the spread so you can raise a beef or two, rural stuff them slickers got no idea ’bout.


    • Yee-Ha! Except the cows would fall off the rock outcropping, and I can’t drive fence posts into rock – and we’re still kinda in town. It’s just the BayAryans I don’t miss a bit.

    • The fireplace is more decorative than warmth-deriving, it won’t really heat the house – and yeh, no wood-stove. We’re a bit afraid to open the flue and be deluged by a mass of cold air descending into the living room! Whether that’s a fact or a fancy remains to be seen.

    • If you use a wood stove as a stove (door shut) as opposed to a fireplace (look at the pretty flames) with the door open, it will do an excellent job of heating the house. But you have to get firewood, and that may or may not be difficult to obtain economically where you are. Another option is a wood pellet stove, which are tres efficient, but somewhat spendy and you still need to purchase fuel.

      1 degree this morning. I wore my Eddie Bauer down jacket to work, I need to start plugging the truck in.

    • First we have to shop-for and buy a wood stove, and then drill a hole in the ceiling (letting-in cold air) – or stuff it in the firebox, and since it’s Holiday-Time everybody’s kinda busy, I’d just as soon get the furnace fixed. Plus I’m not sure it would go with our tropical decor. 🙂

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