Mir ist k-k-kalt, J’ai f-f-f-roid – that’s c-c-cold to you…

Damn this cold weather crap is way-different than the hot kind, and even different than the mild, non-weather stuff we’re accustomed to. 39°-F makes fixing the drip-line a real icy bitch. Good thing there’s not too many splits, and maybe the plants will survive if there’s enough water in the ground.
UPDATE: 35° and falling now, expected 28° tonight… Dang you Midwesterners!


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7 thoughts on “Mir ist k-k-kalt, J’ai f-f-f-roid – that’s c-c-cold to you…

  1. It’s been about the same here, 12 degrees…I’ve never known any differently.

    Hope you and the Missus can stay warm in your first winter at your new digs.

    Warm drinks; make your coffee with a little “Irish” in it!

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