Erosion control

After the first rain a week ago we decided to try and hold back against Nature, and planted some small Manzanita shrubs, to spread their roots across the cliff and rocky soil. It’s a small step but the plants are superbly drought tolerant and extremely tenacious. Manzanita
One really fun bit of timekeeping-section of the Buckhorn Enduro up at Shasta was/is run through a trail called “The New Jersey Trail,” where you a drop-off into a winding rocky creek-bed and follow it for about a mile. Which is all great and a fine way to get a bit wet on a hot day and bash against “babyheads” (large, child-size and smooth river-rock, especially nasty when wet…), but entire section was run through a tunnel of mature Manzanita with its springy barbed branches that have the strength of coil-steel that grab at every part of you and the bike – and the speed shift went from a simple 10- or 15-Mph to something absurd like 25-Mph – completely impossible and nearly lethal for me anyhow.. The name of the trail is revealed by the light in your head going on when you finally emerge at the check torn and bleeding and whipped, and you really do need a new jersey…


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