Eats shoots and leaves, comma

Thanksgiving with the in-Laws: my wife’s brother and his wife, and the 21-something yr. old daughter. Missing were the boyz: #3 son on deployment, #2 son away at Fort-Something, and #1 son up in Seattle-area out of the Mil. who sent pics of grandchilds #1 and #2. Kinda awesome after twenty five years of do-your-own-thang, for my wife to see what her brother has become: a grandpa. Ha! Also, conversation was favorable politically – and then it turned to, “Hey let me show you my scooter.” In the garage sat a sleek and fabulous late-model Reise-Tourer, and in the same color as my truck. The parallels and similarities seemed to waft around us like eerie ghosts of the past. We had talked with Daughter about vacations – where had we been in the years since she was born? Guatemala, Hawaii, and our Euro-Moto Dream-Trip figured prominently, traveling through the Alps on a BMW – and now here we are at the edge of the American Alps, with twisties right out the door, a maze of backroads roads leading up to heavenly snow-capped vistas. I had been looking at Dual Sport bikes earlier on Craigslist, but those were solo rides, and later at home my wife said with a bit of puzzlement, “How did I end up with a husband so much like my brother? One who rides motorcycles and shoots and…” her voice trailed off before she came back with, “Let’s get one, let’s have some damn fun before it’s too late and the actuarial tables catch us out!” I looked at her with amazement. This is shaping up to be pretty awesome…!


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    • I was just hoping to find some dirt-riding buddies up here since we’re so close now, but if it’s gotta be that narrow band of asphalt I can deal with that and 2-up also, even on an unwieldy giant-pig four-poster-bed bike like an RT or a ‘Wing. When we did the Alps fifteen years ago I couldn’t wait to put the R850’s tire onto a gravel road or just find some uneven, low traction surfaces – the lure of raw dirt is just too overwhelming now… 🙂

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