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I’m pretty much over all the Silicon Valley TechnoDweebery and Flavor-of-the-Day – the inevitability and how much I supposedly “need” it. My interest in “mobile” devices and computing and especially Social Media Connectivity has completely vanished in the haze. My wife’s devilishly clever new smart-ish phone only demonstrates what a ridiculous and indecipherable joke of non-usability much of that really is. /rant
So Windows 8.1? Seriously M’soft?
I kinda think not. Dedication to that crap is more akin to getting the Piggyback II to run, filling and not spilling cases. Now even that requires some REAL *touch,* not just swiping at the wisps of passing trends and ephemera like an angry demented psychotic convulsed by Tourette’s syndrome and shouting at telephone poles – and losing the argument.
Actually the thing that absolutely stopped me cold in my tracks (or I maybe would have gone forward) was the demand to set-up a Microsoft Account at some kind of stupid Microsoft App-Store, following in the equally stupid and openly larcenous Apple model. NOOOOO! Just say NO to apps. Many well-meaning but deluded people also tried to get me over to Facebook saying, “It doesn’t have to be a real accoun, it’s just so you can comment!” Plus-NOT and thumb(-suckers) DOWN.


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  1. Heh. The big players in the tech industry are all bastions of creeping crud requirements that you have to sign up to do anything. A pox on that, I say! A friend of mine was complaining about needing a M$ account for Windows8, IIRC. Screw that. That’s why I use Linux at home. No such BS, thought a lot of the applications have become infected with the insidious feature-bloat problems which afflict Windoze.

    I do have an Android phone, which I was reluctant to get in the 1st place, and I admit the extra features have some utility. I have, so far, avoided setting up a Google account, though I wonder when that’ll become a requirement. That’ll be the day I go back to a dumb phone, for sure.

    • I want my anonymity and privacy, or at least the illusion of that. But friends unwittingly suck you in whether you like it or not. I have a Gmail account and that’s it – but maybe I’ll go back to Yahoo! for email if Google+ takes over… I just left that environment where everybody (nearly) walked around glued to their “mobile device” completely in Condition White, and I think it’s a toxic behavior and soul-deadening.

    • I’ve been fighting the privacy/anonymity fight for a long time. Waaaay, back, when I played in the world of database development, I realized the huge potential, and my fears have come true in spades. However, especially with the latest revelations, it seems a losing battle, and I hate to admit that. But I still push back against it.

      If I hadn’t put my previous phone through the wash, I’d still be using it.

    • I still have my flip-type non-GPS phone, but the battery is likely going to die before the phone does. Buddy back in MA says we’re all doomed to Google/Facebook like intrusiveness just because clueless “other” people connect us to networks (like Facebool/LinkedIn/Google+) that we are otherwise unaware of or non-participants, and we get swept up anyhow while all that crap is swept up with the metadata… Makes me ill to think but I can’t dwell too heavily on the out-of-control Security Aparatus-Bureaucracy they created with DHS, and the various earlier collection/”security” iterations. Theater.

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