The weather outside is delightful

Had our first sub-70’s day this weekend when a chill wind blew up off the prairie, and the Halloween festivities remained un-trammeled by little feet as we live above the child-line on this rock outcropping. On Monday the weather reverted to form, and today we went for a warm drive in the country – and also to a recycling bin to dispose of a half-hundred flattened moving boxes and assorted cardboard. But first we drove out past Green Valley Road at Skinners where it becomes Starbuck Rd., on out to where it t-bones into Deer Valley Road, then through Jayhawk past the cemetery and into Rescue and then a jog onto N. Shingle — to Hwy 50 and back home on Meder — just a big loop. Really Nice.
The adjustments to semi-country life were smoothed Friday with the delivery of a nice walnut desk from Crate & Barrel, and made un-lumpy again on Monday with a visit from our Plumber who had the guts of a Delta shower-valve in his van to stop the rust and leak. Water pressure is good, pretty high actually – but the feed from the hot-water heater is a distant mile to the shower destination, or to the kitchen sink, so we are investigating a recirculating line to speed the scalding process.


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8 thoughts on “The weather outside is delightful

  1. Could also look into a tankless water heater. From what I have read about them, they heat very quickly and can be installed for a bathroom so you have separate heating and don’t have to worry about running out of hot water.

    • Stay off 50 during the “rush-hour” – but still, what they call that here compared to our place of Exodus, it’s soooo NOT – but others are *leaving* because of it!

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