Life of a Yo-Yo

Up and back and down and up again. We have to go down to finalize a few real-estate details to in the swamp that cannot be dealt with electronically before we can really rest for Winter at the El Dorado Rock Outcropping and Airpark.
In the move with all the lifting and heaving, I maybe tore something in my shoulder – so besides my Leprosy-fingers breaking and bleeding at the tips (hint: repair with superglue!), we might have a real chance to test-run this new train-wreck of a medical dysfunction system in just a bit! Woot!


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6 thoughts on “Life of a Yo-Yo

  1. Weatherwise will you get snow at new place? I enjoy driving up into the snowline when in W.C. new baby due in dec so no visit this year but will try to spend next summer in CA next year. Until then i’ll just have to live through blogs like yours!

    • Hi Thud, Yes we are supposed to get a smattering of snow, and according to my Plumber, “By the time you go inside to upload the pictures, it has melted!” Had our first sub-70’s day over the weekend but it’s getting back up to “normal” again…

  2. Kinda/sorta sounds like the problems I’ve had with my fingers (and toes).

    Two suggestions:

    If it’s cracks/splits that stay open, get some hand cream that contains urea.

    You want 10-30%. This will soften the skin structure so it can close up and then heal. This problem originates from removing the skin oils with strong cleaners, and/or running dehydrated too long. It can be hard to find one of these in the pharmacies. However, Kaiser pharmacies may still carry one on the public area shelves.(Ureacin-20 Cream)

    If you have spots where the skin looks like it’s been eaten by an acid, sometimes to the point of bleeding due to the skin getting so thin, you may be dealing with an allergy.

    This could be caused by something you are consuming. In my case, it was Aspartame. At times, I was leaving bloody fingerprints, so I wore gloves a lot! (really freaks people out)
    Unfortunately, any food producer that makes a sugar-free version of a product will contaminate their regular product, due to not cleaning equipment between batches. This is REALLY frustrating.
    For almost twenty years, doctors prescribed steroid creams for this problem, until a pharmacist finally informed me it was an allergy symptom! Shortly afterwards, a nephew figured out what the cause was, because he had recently encountered the same problem. Diet drinks, mostly.

  3. But, but, but…Barry said you could keep yer inshurnce, if you liked it!

    Meanwhile, in another Kuntry, Queen Katie publicly proclaimed last week that she doesn’t work for you and me.

    Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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