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According to some rule-based bloggers the First Rule of blogging is to blog daily – ha! HAHAHAHA! We are back down in and among the BayAryans for some finishing touches: the POS front-load Kenmore pant-load of a washer needs a new rubber boot or gasket or whatever turns into a nasty smelly mildew-growing thing. Nobody wants to buy a unit that is skanked-out like that. Even the worse POS Maytag Neptune craptastic that kept breaking down before disgorging it’s guts onto fresh clothes in a fit of mechanical bile, vented better.
The repair window is an absurd “7:30AM to 12:00PM” timeline today, and I supposedly should be grateful for the Sears Protection Plan that’s a few years old and yet somehow supporting this pleasant “exchange” despite having to fork over some $70 for the parts, including a special clamp.
Some respite is due on Sunday, with Monday being “Pickup the Penske Truck Day,” with subsequent loading and heaving and carrying the few remaining items (tall dresser, bedside-tables, sofa, chair, and garage boxes – and tools) for a Wednesday drop-off. Also on Wednesday is scheduled for the arrival of the new wood flooring at the Low Mountain Redoubt, so fly we must. I think we have enough shipping “blankets” or quits or whatever you call them. The old bamboo sofa may fit on the F-150 instead, as the weather at least is holding-off the heavenly moisture well.
And somewhere between now and then the Realtor must be summoned to begin his magik.
UPDATE: The realtor has already returned the call, and the washing repairman robo-called a “we’re running late” notice…


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