Fun Flies

Time. . . is it the 8th already?  We should be getting Dish-NET soon, and hardwood floors in the family room.  We spent the weekend painting “Old Prairie” after a coat of primer over the roadkill of “Dried Plantain.”  And on return in the mail was a rubber gasket/boot for the Kenmore front-loader.  It’s only a few years old and nobody from Sears ever mentioned the horrific mildew issue OMG eleventy!!), but they all accuse me of being a feelthy washing-slob in spite of that lack of awareness or instructions – I think it blew-up on them when on the cheap they didn’t plumb-in some kind of venting.  The Garage Mahal is going to be the last to go…golf clubs and all, and the giant work-bench too.  The echo is sounding and this work-station will go temporarily dark in a while, meanwhile She Who Must Be Obeyed is relaxing in retirement – yay!


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  1. I’ve been reading about the troubles with Maytag front loaders. One of the tips that was mentioned was to leave the loading doors open when the machine is not in use. (Includes the soap door) This also helps with battling the leftover water that sits in the drum. Problems cited were mold on gaskets and smelly clothes (not to mention bad designs-class action about ten years ago!) Common problems for front loaders, I’m guessing.

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