Octobular Pressure

Shouldn’t October be the eighth month, and December the tenth?  What happened, Julian?

As a parting gift upon retirement from the Big Private West-Coast Universitronic, they gave my Dearest an “iPad Mini” – something that she has absolutely no use for, or affinity-with.  Electro-gadgetry is just not her thing at all – whatsoever – it would be like giving her a “smart” phone.  She would MUCH rather have a chainsaw or leaf-blower.

In fact a work colleague has offered to sell her a once-used Generac 2300psi pressure washer for $75, and we are going to meet the friend’s not-currently-working Husband to do just that…


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8 thoughts on “Octobular Pressure

  1. Well, I can actually think of a good use for an iPad mini. Processing credit card payment at the art sales my wife does – damn phone screens are too small by half.

    • It looked pretty cool at first, then it demanded to upgrade itself to 7-something-Apple and now it looks like Windows? WTF? It went from cool and shiny to shit on a brick.

    • Yeah, I know. My phone demanded the same thing. We’re saving for one and once they release the newer version I’ll be able to afford the ‘old’ one.

    • Yep. Everything has now gone from “Let’s make a good product” to “Let’s get it out as quick as we can and we can fix the bugs later.”

      Of course, there really is no ‘later’ they just make something else and try and sell you that instead.

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