Five Tesla Friday

Today was the Last Friday at The Big Private Rapacious University and traffic was light as warrants a Friday when everybody tele-commutes so they can do their laundry, eBay-thing and variuos household chores that would otherwise stink-yup the weekend.  For us it’s gonna be ALL-weekend all week long.  The outdoor storage box came apart pretty easily and will make a nice spot for gardening tools underneath the lattice at the Low Mountain Redoubt.  Also down to the garage staging and prep-station went the sewing machine case and the small desk, and some boxes.  The small Ikea pressboard dresser was dismantled and distributed throughout several dumpsters in flat pieces.  Clothing was packed in rolling duffles, and a small amount remains in laundry baskets for a return trip and wash.  It’s 4:30PM and the Endless Weekend begins now!


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The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander and anti-idiotarian individualist, fleeing the toxic cultural smug emitted by self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~