Seven Tesla Morning

A definite nip in the air, and on the ground the asphalt was littered in battery-operated mobile iPad holders, driving affluent children to school – but they will not reach us at the Low Mountain Redoubt.  Last night was my last HOA meeting – we’re re-doing the CC&R’s – and tonight is a going-away retirement dinner for She Who Commands.  The 35-Year War hostilities have finally ceased – or at least drawn to a brief standstill.  The greatest immediate hurdle (for me) is finding some kind of Internet connection at Up and Away Land.  One option was via satellite dish at a godawful price and choke-point toll-holds on data.  Another seems to be some kind of wireless-from-a-tower.  It’s a line-of-sight connection and sounds like they have a super-big 802.11ac wireless-router out on some distant hilltop.  Reportedly when it rains, the raindrops cause the wireless to sing like Yma Súmac.  If we had a stupid land-line we might get some kind of pokey DSL, but there’s no real advantage to buying something we don’t need or use at an additional repeating cost – it just fills the basket with unnecessary junk.  We got rid of the AT&T tax-and-fees pass-through already, because it was all that and little more.  Anyhow it only means my blog might be down for more intermittentcy than it already suffers.


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  1. You could try to find a cheap pre-paid cellphone that allows you data tethering (or have someone root it for you so it can do it). They still have phones with no data limit for $50 or less a month, and while it’s not fast, you can certainly surf the web with it. Virgin mobile’s data appears to be all unlimited starting at $35/mo, so the only real cost would be getting the phone.

    • Hi Wally, thanks for the tip! So far $50/mo it outside my spending limit on reoccurring cost-stuff. I’ll have to find a pay-as-you-go version if we go smartphone, but my inner Luddite awakens and I’m not really interested in web-surfing on a handheld, so a dumbphone is sufficient.

    • The tethering allows you to use it as wireless internet, so you can use your PC/laptop, or multiple PCs/Laptops at once. Like I said, Virgin has plans starting at $35, so while the speeds at 3G aren’t amazing, they’re adequate for web surfing, plus you might get 4G which is fairly decent.

      It sounds like you’re going to have to pay out the rear for internet anway, so this may be a low cost solution. I know out at my family land getting internet would be a problem, but now we just use someone’s phone and everyone just tethers to it. We all did a fantasy football draft out there while dove hunting this year, while 5 years ago you’d have been lucky to get a signal to call someone.

  2. How close is the nearest McD’s with a wifi hotspot? Or reasonable facsimile of same.

    Sister and hubbie finally got the place in Big Sur sold. They were getting their ‘net over some sort of cell connection, which got flaky when the wind would make the redwood trees move. I think the antenna was on one of them.

    Got to where she couldn’t stand to be there during high wind times. Redwoods shed limbs in high wind velocities (above 65mph IIRC), and it is the equivalent of dropping a full size regular tree from two hundred feet. They had to bring in a crew with a large backhoe to dig one out of their driveway, a few years ago. Wasn’t quite deep enough to trim and cover it, so they had to remove it. Lots of wood! House stood in a grove. In fact, I think they are the only trees left, after the fungus killed all the oaks. That fungus was spreading northward. No idea where the infection line is now.

    • Micky-D’s? No idea. I/we don’t ever eat there or the like and have paid zero attention to public WiFi stuff, how to access it or who promotes it, so I guess they (whoever) get an Advertising Fail.

    • At the moment, you don’t even have to purchase anything there, just park and fire up your ‘net appliance. Coffee houses do the same thing, even some Asian noodle shops! Useful when you need a quick info check, and don’t have a “smart phone” setup.

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