Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think

The season has definitely changed and the dim morning light has clocked-around to deliver another perspective on things.  Remnants of a few half-eaten persimmons litter the pathway to the garages – the squirrels are fussy and not very careful storing-up for the winter that never really comes.  As we drive in the crisp morning air, the angled sunlight beats deeply slanted rays through the windshield and highlights every sandblasted fleck of imperfection.  We’re driving a bit late and with that comes the panicked hurriers who are late for work, their sudden lane changes, tailgating, and jerky speed-shifts add a car-length at most and no advantage – we stop together at the same light.  Only one Tesla-S passed us on the way to my wife’s soon-to-be ex-workplace.  Outside workmen in yellow vests have been digging a trench, cutting sidewalk with a large concrete saw, and laying a fresh wheelchair accessible walkway – it’s taken a week almost and they appear to be in no hurry.

After the drop off I return home to the Old Silicon Valley Office.  In the closet instead of a clothes-hamper there’s a cardboard box on the floor for whites and another for colored clothes, and the hanging shirts are mere decorations, most needing a hot iron to remove the wrinkles.  The re-loading bench is empty and the Home Depot accessory wall-cabinet is on the floor beside it. Things are winding up and there’s a definite feeling of stasis/un-stasis – a dimension of tension, of flight-or-fight – and we’re definitely on the flight-path out of here.  It’s taking a toll, this waiting and hurry-up-do-nothing, but even the price of that is inexact and uncertain.  My desk and hutch of pressboard has been dismantled, and piece-by-piece thrown away in the dumpster – carefully, so that it lays flat and doesn’t bother neighbors  who’s carelessly un-flattened empty boxes and trash stink of food-waste and strange perfumes.  The old desk-top sits on two empty file cabinets.  Surmounted by the big monitor, the CPU and backup drive are shoved to the side.  This place is pretty-much over.  I wander the empty hallway to make a breakfast smoothie in the blender.  The Costco apples are a bit pithy – apple season must be over too.

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  1. Brought to mind the status of my late friend’s place. Family came and got most of his stuff, leaving bits and pieces scattered, just wrenching reminders of a life cut short by a simple accident in the kitchen. Future plans now scattered to the winds of time.

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