Statism = Fascist Socialism

Statism is Totalitarian Fascist-Socialism.  It is cronyism at the ultimate level.  It is a Dictatorship of the Bureaucratic State – not of the so-called “Proletariat.”  It is not a situation of, “Haves and Have-Nots,” it is a different pathology of “Regulators and The Regulated.” A State lives and breathes by commanding a parasitic Bureaucracy that enforces Regulations, backed by Power – and it feeds by inserting itself into every aspect of Life.  For the State to continue to exist, absolutely everything, down to a near sub-atomic level, requires State intervention and State regulation because the cancer of the State simply MUST insert itself everywhere it can.  The ultimate condition and end-state of State-run/regulated everything, is that everybody is, in one way or another and whether they like it or not, an Employee of The State – receiving State-secured benefits of any kind determines that – and based on that the State can dictate to the Individual anything it wants – and everything it can – backed with all the power it has.

I was reminded of this while listening to a Doctor complain about the heavy-handed bureaucratic requirements of Obamacare.  It reminded him of the country he fled seeking freedom.  Even in private-practice the burden of regulatory bureaucracy inserted itself, and he found that he spent many unpaid hours dealing and complying with the regulations – nearly more than hours he practiced as a Doctor – and he recognized that he had become  merely an employee of the State.  The doctor had escaped the Soviet Union only to find himself in a transformational America – the United States of Soviet-America.  And the State really doesn’t treat its employees so well, unless they are in the upper tier of the Bureaucracy where new regulations are devised and enacted – those upper-level Apparatchiks are rewarded handsomely – with job mobility and social connections – and their children receive benefits that the lower tier proletariat do not.


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