Living in the topsy-turvy 1930’s

Ask me if you’ve heard this one before: So Molotov and Von Ribbentrop walk into a bar… Which one is Putin’ on the Ritz?   Who has more Czars?

Obama and Kerry both call Assad Hitler . . . so all this dithering and indecision finally makes Policy Sense: it’s the new Non-Aggression Pact all over again!

Recent backstory is Putin was a Lt. Col. in the Soviet KGB spy agency, while George Herbert-Walker Bush was himself Director of the CIA.  But the CIA was penetrated by the KGB moles (nearly as badly as FDR’s Cabinet consisted of Communists) and the KGB kinda won the final round when Obama was elected president – because with “leaders” like we have in DC, who really needs KGB moles anymore?

Meanwhile we use the CIA to arm and train our enemies, and fly them into battle – why?  They couldn’t do dick with FRIENDS in the Bay of Pigs, and the rest of the CIA’s geopolitical story is a mess from Vietnam to South America.  They get the blame for Allende in Chile, when it was the KGB who did it (killed him), again.  Where’s the new Bay or Hill of Goats for them to die upon – or did that happen already and we call it Benghazi – except that we are indiscriminately arming our enemies??

Is Syria the new Palestinian Sudetenland? Is this all more “Lebensraum” for Hezbollah?  Assad was no Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, practically the opposite – more like a two-bit Marshall Tito in Yugolslavia, holding down what unruly psychotics that he could.  The Grand Mufti who met with Hitler and Himmler and helped plan the MidEast genocide of Jews, that was Nobel Peace-Prizer and Munich-Massacre mastermind Yasser Arafat’s uncle — and the legacy/inheritors of that vile hatred are the Muslim Brotherhood, who got kicked in the head in Egypt where 7,000 years of military-secular Government won’t just go away.

Things are gettin’ weird and History that plays first as tragedy is setting the stage for farce – the third time is just ironic and sarcastic.  Where’s Mussolini in all this?

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