Hair and Makeup

Was it just me or did Lurch look particularly flat and pancaked over the weekend as he romped and galumphed from one show to the next. Who does his do and make-up? Is it all a plastic prosthetic and spackle? Is it some guy/gal with a Paasche spray-gun and A drum of “flesh” that was left over and melted down from the old days at Crayola? Actually it looked a lot like the Kelly Moore color “Malibu Beige” which is currently glossed onto the outside of the Low Mountain Redoubt and previously coating the interior of the Original Olde Silicone Valley condo. Maybe the new Samsung Smart TeeVee is just too sharp for politicians, the effect on Lurch was to make his pixelations all flattened, like with a putty knife.


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7 thoughts on “Hair and Makeup

  1. Ann Barnhardt had something to say a while back about John having some “work done,” and then explaining the bruising to his “friends” that he’d fallen during a ski vacation, or some other rot.

    She called BS and threw the flag, and pointed out the obvious jaw augmentation that he’d performed, and probably self-administered to boot (I added that tidbit).

    She thinks it was a lame attempt at getting laid by his twentysomething groupies, since he had no chin, previously, but I can’t help but think he just wanted to look at himself in the mirror more…and somehow LIKE what he sees.

    Go figure.

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