Just a Two-Tesla morning

Today like yesterday (and like last week), I drove my wife to work in the F-150. Last week she banged her little toe pretty good and hard on a wire clothes basket, possibly causing some kind of breakage, and had difficulty fitting a shoe and pushing in the clutch on her broken-down hot-rod BMW sedan-cruiser.
Summer is almost over and it’s a bit of a shock because the temperature remains so gradual, so lotus-land. One thing we both noticed today was that it dawned clear instead of the usual BayAryan summer-weather overcast/foggy pattern, and with it a distinct nip of cold. The usual Summer overcast that burns off at noon-ish hides the decline of the sun into Fall so Autumn sneaks up on you and then – BOOM! – it is revealed in the unstinting cold-clear weather pattern. Also, as we were up early and with the sunlight having shifted, the glare lit up the windshield making pedestrians and school-kids on bikes hard to see. It cut across the windshield catching every scratch and speck of dust in a veil of light – such is the early day that reminds you of Fall.
Evidently we were up before the BigDog Managers and usual Movers-and-Shakers, because I saw as many Porsche Panamera’s as Tesla S’s. – just two. Yesterday while running a bit later, the traffic density was greater and with the urgency of Monday upon them the Big-Bosses were already out, and it was a five Tesla morning. Sightings around here have become so common you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one anymore – we’re almost in Prius-2006 territory when the ubiquity hit the Gaussian curve and tumbled over. But where we are moving-to there are more pick-up trucks than BMW’s, and more Beamers than Priusi – and no Tesla’s at all. They can’t quite make the essential SanFrandisco—Tahoe run reliably, and are still best-practices employed as mobile iPhone holders and local-worship status-symbols among the ecocognoscenti elites. Go on and worship your false idols, when religious fashion changes one eco-idol will be replaced by another more expensive one, and as proof of devotion the devout will keep up with the Joneses.


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  1. Well said, and I don’t get the Tesla craze… There are two here, and both owners admitted other than runs to Philly, they have to rent a car…

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