Staging for #6

The garage is filling again, tedious work boxing-up stuff – all the mementos, old toys, memories, artwork, work-work, and paper-filing. And more and more wall-space is emerging as the house-this home is being gradually stripped clear. Soon to the tipping point will shift under the teeter-totter when one place has more of “us” than the other.
I think maybe we have already tipped – perhaps emotionally – and don’t want to really acknowledge it – but we will with much more certainty when a dining room table magically shows up (yay Costco!), and with it six chairs appear in a truck of distant origin. Then cemented by a left-handed chaise-lounge sectional from West Elm to nail-down a carpet…and for sure when I get out a masonry-bit and start drilling into the tile back-splash, to hang the rail for bar-ware.
Meanwhile we are still mulling paint colors.
I expect the lonely trips will be the last few ones, when emptiness will echo throughout the house and painters have come in-absentia to blot-out our wayward styling errors and mis-cues, and make-over our personal space into the finest bland approximation that most others will assuredly find mostly pleasing, staged in the end for their own best reflection, not ours – and lastly the one where you leave behind the key.


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