Small Changes

Ceiling FixtureThe Mountain Redoubt had some features we decided to change – and some that still need changing. The gaudy gold-tone and cheap Dining Room and Kitchen Island chandelier (both) were removed and taken to Goodwill Industries, but a few (several) of these similar gold-tone “nipple-lights” remain.  WTF?  They will probably be replaced by 45-watt halogen recessed lights in the hallway.
In addition we had the gigantic multiple-fluorescent oak-wood Kitchen box-fixture removed, and the location turned into a “tray” ceiling with a single electrical box to the center, trimmed-out with simple crown-molding on the inside. Kitchen Ceiling

We still have to choose a fixture but we are more influenced by something simple, and because there is a lot of ambient light available it doesn’t demand a high-output *thing* dominating the entire kitchen. Dining room light


Following that lead I replaced the aforementioned gaudy-gold chandelier in the formal Dining Room with a drum shade from West Elm that dispenses an even light over where the table will stand.

Family Room Fireplace

On the opposite side of the Kitchen, the Family Room fireplace needed a thorough inspection by a chimney-sweep, and following that cleaning and inspection some repair to the hearth.

The previous owner had burnt some (a lot-of!) hot fires that had damaged the underlayment and that was replaced…and we kinda, really, sorta didn’t like the red and white and sooty-black brick very much……



Re-faced Fireplace
So we decided to have the fireplace re-faced with a dry-stack ledgestone in quartzite, the result which we find quite pleasing.

Outdoors, the Rock Outcropping had pretty much been left alone and become very overgrown, so we have whacked it back to reveal more of the terraces of stone around and beneath the plants.

BlueSpruce?By the entrance to the driveway we have some manzanita and a scrub-oak, and a lovely well established Blue Spruce (~I think?~) surrounded by an huge tuffet of overgrown Spanish Lavender, with more hidden stone terraces fronted by a beautiful and also well established Japanese Maple, and behind that a tall Redwood tree — and a back-side hillside of thyme. Woodsy Outdoors


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6 thoughts on “Small Changes

  1. Strongly advise that you toss those “nipple lights”, as they appear to be the cheapest light fixture “made in China” crap from HD. The wiring and sockets are junk, and I’ve had to replace some that were not more than a few years old. Can you say arc-city? The wire insulation becomes rock hard and falls apart, and the sockets can’t seem to maintain a good connection to the bulb base.

    • More, inevitably! We’re taking another load (trip #6) next weekend, and after that trip we’ll soon reach the tipping point of more stuff there than here.

  2. It’s a work-in-progress! We raised the skirt of the redwood to reveal the ledges and stone surrounding beneath – and removed several bags of redwood debris and a yard of trimmings.

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