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Watched a brief bit of Elvis In Hawaii the other night and recalled the Takin’ Care of Bid’ness angle on his ring – also that he liked guns.  The early Elvis concerts in Hawaii were recorded at Pearl Harbor to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund.  Elvis helped raised money and directed much-needed attention to to build the USS Arizona Memorial at a time when efforts to remember the fallen had stalled.

In the late 1950s Congress had authorized the construction of the memorial but not allocated any funds.  The Pacific War Memorial Commission was tasked with raising $500,000 to build the USS Arizona Memorial and in 1958 Ralph Edwards of the hit TV series, “This is Your Life,” kicked off the public fundraising efforts when he featured Arizona crewmember and Medal of Honor recipient Samuel Fuqua. More than $95,000 was raised. But contributions and attention dwindled over the next couple years, with less than half of the $500,000 raised. Elvis was already scheduled to be in The Islands to film “Blue Hawaii” and agreed to help by performing a benefit concert.

On March 25, 1961, the 26-year-old Presley took the stage to an arena packed with 4,000 frenzied, screaming fans who paid anywhere from $3 to $100 a ticket.

The concert raised about $54,000, and public and private donations poured in following the show, which received heavy publicity across the country.It was his last live stage performance for more than eight years. The USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated the following year on Memorial Day — May 30, 1962. Mahalo, Mahalo very much.

So after a return from the High Yonder, I been takin’ care of bidness today. You gotta keep up with the small stuff.

A check and a phone call to Shorty – the landscaper(s) up at the Mountain Redoubt where we wrenched-out a whole bunch of gone-to-seed and dead Spanish Lavender (surprisingly scentless) that requires disposal.

A call to the Propane Company – we’re at about 30% and Summer Rates are way better than Winter Rates.

A follow-up on the new entryway light (back ordered) – a touch of banana-leaf Tiki from Justice Design Group.

Meanwhile (today and tomorrow) in absentia the Rock Out-cropping’s fireplace is being refaced in Honey Gold Classic quartzite… and the Sears Guy is coming tomorrow to replace the mildew-munged front-load washer door rubber.  Phew!


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